Pretty Polly's tips on how to treat your Mum this Mother's Day

Scrambling to find the perfect gift for your Mum?

Try a D.I.Y Mother's Day this year, show her she's EXTRA special! 

As a child I used to give my Mum a hand sketched doodles of Tweety Pie , EVERY Mother's Day, she was happy, I was happy, sorted! 

Now I'm a 'little' older its an incredible struggle to find something that truly expresses the gratitude for the hardships she endured in raising my sister & I, I'm pretty sure we were a handful!

Yellow roses are key (they mean friendship & yellow is my mums favourite colour) but they don't quite cut it alone. 

I'm thinking that surely by now she's forgotten her "New Year, New Me" health regime and is back on hoarding her secret stash of  Malteasers crammed  in her bedside cabinet.

So, I thought what better way to a Mums heart than to bake something special. But then the flashbacks came flooding back to all the baking disasters I've had in the past, I'm a terrible baker, with absolutely no patients what so ever! A little bit of web searching later & I found the most incredible creation.

EVERY Mum deserves one of these Ice Cream Pies (and they're so easy to make!).

1. A biscuits & melted butter mush helps create to crumbly biscuit base.

2. Mix cream, sugar (1tbs) and yogurt, just enough for a nice inch deep layer, you can add lime for an extra twang.

3. Add decorations! Strawberries, Other berries, Caramel, Chocolate chips, Nuts/ Seeds, Hundreds & thousands.... the list goes on, I may add all of them

Check out all of the D.I.Y ideas I found on our Pinterest page.

Why not make it a Sin-free Mother's Day!...


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