PP Challenge - Hadrian's Way

84 miles of rocky terrain and steep inclines in only THREE days...That's exactly what's in store for seventeen members of Pretty Polly HQ this weekend, as they take on the challenge of walking Hadrian's Way. Setting out bright and early today, the route begins in Bowness on Solway and ends in Newcastle on 2nd July - where we expect a few celebratory drinks may be had!

Our Head of IT, Bill Jarman commented, "It'll be a personal challenge for all of us, but also it's an opportunity to raise money for Rainbows".
Rainbows is the team's chosen charity and is the East Midlands' hospice for children & young people.

Team members are: Mark Campion; Mo Chebbout ; Charles Cruxon; Colin Draper; Stuart Gillott; Geoff Goodwin; Andy Gortynski; Mick Hollingworth; Ben Hollingworth; Jason Illingworth; Bill Jarman; Huw Jones; Andy McMahan; Michael Scott; Phil Sharrocks; Darren Twist; Steve Warriner.

Last year the team took on the mighty Three Peaks Challenge, battling through wind and rain to raise money for Dora's Library.


We wish the team heaps of luck for the challenge, let's hope the rain holds off!

If you'd like to help the team acheive their target and help a little in the great work that Rainbows Children's Hospice do, please visit the team's JustGiving site

Find out more about Rainbows Hospice >

Olympic Torch arrives in the East Midlands!

Being based in Derbyshire, Pretty Polly welcomes the Olympic torch relay to the East midlands this evening! Although we've just heard it is running a little later than scheduled due to lightening in Mansfield earlier today.



We're particularly rooting for local torch bearer - Regina O'Reilly from Nottingham. Sadly, her dad died of bowel cancer 4 years ago. After successful fundraising events last year, Regina is now aiming to raise £2011 for Bowel Cancer UK, £2011 for The Irish Cancer Society and £2011 for Castleblayney Cancer Society (her hometown).

Regina has run 4 half marathons so far this year, preparing for the Nottingham half marathon and finishing with the Dublin marathon. So far, Regina has raised a fanatastic £4500 and is also planning on walking the Great Wall of China in October! Phew! 

Good luck with the torch relay Regina! We hope it's back on schedule and the lightening (and rain!) stays away!

PP x

If you'd like to support Regina and her chosen charities please visit Regina's JustGiving page

You can follow the torch's route here