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Girls Out Loud: Caroline Meets Her ‘Little Sister’

As you may have heard, Pretty Polly is sponsoring the Girls Out Loud, a multi-award winning, not for profit, social enterprise on a mission to change the landscape for teenage girls in the UK.

As part of our contribution to the program our Product and Marketing Manager, Caroline, has put herself forward to become a ‘Big Sister’, as one of the key aims of the charity is to introduce the girls to real role models; successful women who are confident and comfortable in their own skin, and committed to supporting and inspiring the next generation by sharing their stories and time.

This week Caroline was introduced to her ‘Little Sister’ at Middleton Technology School. Here’s how she got on.

‘Today I went up to Middleton Technology School.  Pretty Polly has sponsored me to be trained as a mentor to a young girl for one year in the school as part of the Big Sister Little Sister programme run by Girls Out Loud. 

Today was the day I finally got to meet my little sister.  The organisers had carefully matched everyone by asking us to fill out a form with information about our interests, passions and hobbies, what we liked to do at school, our life’s journey, what key skills and wisdom would we like to pass on, what was our life like at 13, all of which were assessed and used to help us both find common ground during the initial meeting – and to be perfectly honest I don’t know who was more nervous, the Big Sisters or the Little Sisters!

Eventually I finally got to meet my little sister Georgia.  I was worried that we would find it difficult to talk at first, but it was fine and I’m looking forward to meeting her again in two weeks’ time to pick up where we left off!

On the day all the girls were given goody bags full of treats and goodies donated by the Big Sisters and sponsors, so we spent some time checking out the contents and it helped to get the conversation started.  She then told me all about herself and her family.

I will meet Georgia once a month for the next year on a one to one basis and also at two or three events which will be run during the next twelve months.  The first one to one is early April, and I’m really excited to start mentoring her.’

Check back with us in the next couple of weeks when we’ll be giving you an update on Caroline’s journey and find out more about the program.

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