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Steve Moss,
55, is a manager at PP's factory, in Derbyshire - one of the last textile factories in Britain!  

"I started working in the industry straight from school in 1974,I'm Belper "born and bred" as we like to say in these parts, so have always lived close to the factory. I get up at 07.15 and I don't normally have breakfast, as I like to get up and about as soon as possible, I'm not one for hanging around the house in the morning!

Through out the day I'm responsible for the overseeing of our development department, which consists of 8 people, mainly developing new styles in conjunction with our product team. Every day varies, one minute I could be looking at sizing for a new style, the next I could be looking at test material, add to that various meetings, discussions about yarns, processes, machinery, assisting on the factory floor and various other technical things, that would be a typical day!! The job also involves traveling overseas: looking at new yarns, machines, processes and products, visiting suppliers, looking at what we can adapt, innovation in clothing can't always translate to hosiery due to the sheer fabrics.

Normally I would have around 30minutes for lunch and leave at 17:00 but this infrequently happens. It can be a tiring day, as you can spend a lot of time on your feet, moving around the different departments

I have worked in several departments on progression to my current role of Technical & Industrialization Manager and I have also had the opportunity to travel to places such as China, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland, but working so close to home is a bonus!

There have been many highs from a visit by Princess Alexandra and Princess Anne to Betty Bothoryd opening the factory. I love doing something different all the time and the challenges involved when working on different designs of tights, for example with those that feature letters from the alphabet, we have to check the positioning and make sure they don't spell out any rude words!

I always enjoy working on Henry Holland’s designs and developing innovative products - such as ‘Secret Socks’. For them to be later worn by Beyoncé's dancers at the Super Bowl last year and to see the exposure that they received on the television was great.

Pretty Polly is 95 years old and the factory is one of the last remaining textile factories in the UK. I’m extremely proud to work for a British brand that has been awarded a ‘Cool Brand’ status. Sadly it is evident that the skill base in this country is being lost and hosiery manufacturing has moved abroad. My dad was in charge of the sewing department, which is why I started in this industry and I’m still proud to carry on his legacy in the industry. I feel honored to work for a Great British brand, which demonstrates quality and nostalgia of all things British.

There are a lot more machines than people expect, on average we produce around 72,000 pairs of tights a week.

The West Mill factory in Belper Derbyshire has been awarded ‘green’ factory status for energy and water saving attributes and recycling and we continue to maintain high ethical standards throughout. Working for a ‘green’ factory is very important to me and it’s great to see that the investment into these initiatives have paid off. The whole team are committed to maintaining these standards at a time when there is pressure to produce super cheap fast fashion tights."

PP x

Outfit of the Week: Dorothy Perkins

Welcome to Pretty Polly's Outfit of the Week. Every week, we'll feature an outfit from one of our fabulous Pretty Polly retailers. We'll give you inspiration on what to wear with your Pretty Polly tights.

This weeks retailer: Dorothy Perkins
Wear it with: Pretty Polly™  Secret Socks Over The Knee Tights

About the tights.

Say 'goodbye' to the sock and tight combo with Pretty Polly Secret Socks Over the Knee Tights - no more yanking up the socks under boots ladies! Secret Socks are Pretty Polly's fun & fashionable new innovation, the all in one tight with combined modal sock! They are perfect for discreetly wearing under boots or making a fashion statement and going for the suspender/thigh high look.

Dorothy Perkins' Peach Ponte Shift Dress is a gorgeous colour for this time of year! We love the black peter pan collar, adding a twist to the shift dress. Perfect for pairing with the Pretty Polly Secret Socks, but would also look gorgeous with a nice sheer the further into Spring we get.

Handbags are a girl's best friend and Dorothy Perkins never let us down! This elegant Black Flapover Tote gives the outfit a chic finish, as do the Black Platform Pointed Courts.

Accessorise the outfit as much or as little as you like - we chose the Sparkle Stone Stretch Bracelet for a little dressing, but remaining quite an understated elegant look.

A very versatile look, mix and match different items for a more quirky style!


PP x

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My PP Intern Week

My Pretty Polly Internship Week

Back in May 2013 I entered a competition through my University course, Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent University. The aim of the competition was to create a photo shoot for Pretty Polly’s new Secret Socks range and luckily enough, I won!

Following this, I was offered the chance to intern for a week in February in the marketing department. So, here it is, my Pretty Polly week... Enjoy!

Entering a work place, especially one as well known as Pretty Polly, is nerve wracking to say the least; but to no surprise I was greeted by friendly faces and from day one I felt like part of the team.
Cup of tea in hand, warming me from my long commute, work began!

Starting the day off with a meeting between the Marketing and Digital departments threw me straight into the exciting new SS14 products! Whilst discovering more about everyone's role and discussing the website in detail was really insightful, the best bit was getting a sneak peak into Pretty Polly's AW14 collections!!

Later that day, it was meeting time again! This time with the girls who run PP’s social media. It was a great way to end the day, a relaxed meeting discussing the social media calendar and pulling ideas from upcoming events.

Back in the office, cup of tea at the ready and I was to set in place to create mock ups of new packaging and in-store shippers - let’s say I was never without something to do!

The next few days were a flurry of Customer Sales Week craziness! My intern week fell just before the team show the new AW14 collections to customers, a very busy but exciting week!

To prepare we created sales kits for the sales teams to take to meetings. This involved creating PP sales bags and an awful lot of labels to tag on to an awful lot more tights! The office was surrounded by boxes and boxes of tights waiting to be popped into their bags!

Today was factory tour day! Ok, this might sound a bit boring, but trust me, it’s  not! Many people may not know this, but Pretty Polly’s tights are made right below the office I worked in - a factory in Belper, Derbyshire.
It's amazing to think, that just above the factory all kinds of magic with design and marketing is happening, whilst just below our feet, thousands of pairs of tights are being made.

I was taken around the entire factory, shown how everything starts with some simple yarn and how this is then made into the vast variety of tights, which are then dyed, dried and packaged. It was amazing to see how all this happens!

Last morning commute in and the much needed first cuppa of the day consumed, I sat and looked at how every season the all important design team pays close attention to the upcoming fashion trends and how PP’s tights will work within them, making them as important as the clothing themselves. Tights can make an outfit, not just keep you warm. (And this is definitely something I learnt this week after walking from the train station in the rain and snow commuting to the office in my very thin opaques!)

As a great way to end my week, I was given a wonderful goodie bag full of Pretty Polly tights and treats and I can’t wait to start wearing them! I’ve even treated myself to a couple of new dresses I know they’ll go perfectly with. 

A little Springtime helping hand.

Winter for me is all about hot chocolate, sausage and mash and PJ days.
I basically hibernate from October to February and work on creating a layer of ‘insulation’ around my middle. When the days start to get longer and the temperature slowly rises, my attention turns to spring fashion and the fear creeps in……. soon I won’t be hiding under endless layers of wool and denim!!

I’m certainly not about to go on a crazy diet and spring does not bring with it a sudden urge to hit the gym, so that leaves me digging out the shapewear. Until this year, all the shapewear I owned was hideously ugly, bandage style and quite frankly painful to wear.

This spring sees the launch of Pretty Polly’s shape it up seamfree range so I’ve binned all those old torture garments and replaced them with new, comfortable, attractive and very effective shapewear pieces that I’m not embarrassed to be seen in should a spring breeze catch my new sundress!

Gossard Fleur Lingerie

The range includes cute shorts which are perfect under shorter dresses, longline shorts ideal for skinny jeans, lace shorts which look great layered ‘Rhianna style’ with denim cut offs, leggings with shaping all the way down to the ankle and even a shaping cami. They are designed for complete comfort and to make the most of your curves, not turn you blue in the face!

Prices range from £12 to £22 so you’ll have enough left over for an iced coffee and bunch of daffodils!

Yey for Spring!!

Outfit of the Week: Topshop

Welcome to Pretty Polly's Outfit of the Week. Every week, we'll feature an outfit from one of our fabulous Pretty Polly retailers. We'll give you inspiration on what to wear with your Pretty Polly tights.

This weeks retailer: Topshop
Wear it with: Pretty Polly™ Nylon Gloss tights

About the tights.

Pretty Polly Nylon Gloss Tights are a timeless piece which are irresistibly soft to touch, making your legs ultra smooth and giving you a flawless, elegant look for this party season. They are the ultimate in timeless glamour with the technology and fit of today.

Topshop's Black Scuba Flippy Skirt is a staple piece this season. Perfect for many different occasions, a versatile piece ideal for dressing up or down.

The Textured Gingham Shell Top is super cute and looks amazing with the Black Scuba Flippy Skirt. SIM Studded Saddle Slippers finish the look perfectly matched with the soft yellow Corcertina Bag.

We finished the look with the Engraved Coin Necklace for extra detailing.

A very versatile look, mix and match with any wardrobe staples for a fun style!


PP x

Look out for a new Outfit of the Week every Wednesday.

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