Bad Education - House of Holland Polka Tights on TV!

Hands up, who watched Bad Education on BBC Three this week? We did! In amongst the laughs, we spotted the brand new House of Holland Reverse Polka tights!

House of Holland Reverse Polka Tights on Bad Education BBC3

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House of Holland Reverse Polka Tights £12

New to this week, these amazing polka dot tights are already on their way to being the favourites of the season.

A luxurious opaque leg featuring sheer spots from hip to toe.

They're great for a casual day time look, and amazing in the evening for when you want to let your hair down.

House of Holland Reverse Polka Mock Hold Up Tights £12

Not forgetting their sister tights - House of Holland Reverse Polka Mock Hold Up Tights.

If you love mock suspender tights, then these beauties need to be in your collection!


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If you missed it, you can catch Tuesdays episode of Bad Education on BBC iPlayer - Spot the tights around 6 minutes in. The second series has just been commisioned following the success of the first two episodes!

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The Greatest thing about Great Britain is...?

We asked our Pretty Polly Facebook fans to finish this sentence:
'The Greatest Thing about Great Britain is....'

Our favourite 6 answers will each win 1 pair of House of Holland Rule Britannia Union Jack flag tights.
We had such an overwhelming number of entries (over 350!) it was incredibly difficult to choose our favourtie 6. Sooo...we created a shortlist of our favourite 30 answers (see below). To make it as fair as possible, we then put them into a draw, where 6 winners were chosen at random from the shortlist.

The 6 winners are the first 6 comments in the list below - congratulations! Please email your postal address to to claim your prize.

Thanks for all of your entries, we loved reading why you love Great Britain so much!

The Greatest things about Great Britian are...
(As suggested by Pretty Polly Facebook fans)

  1. Jenny Dee
    The greatest thing about Great Britain is Kate Middleton's sense of style! She's reminding the world every day that hosiery can be a classy accessory

  2. Daisy Cross
    The Greatest thing about Great Britain is how so many different people, classes and cultures can all come together and celebrate the Royal Wedding, the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics, all proud to be British, even if it's raining! Also, I loved how the Czech olympics team fit right in with their Wellies and umbrellas :D

  3. Hannah-Jane Taylor
    The greatest thing about great Britain is the weather; we hate it most of the time but that makes Britain British and god knows us British love a good moan. Without the weather our days would solely be focused on complaining about queues :) or traffic. Or the underground. I love great Britain.

  4. Jemma Beynon
    The greatest thing about britain is that we have an amazing army who fight for our country to be safe

  5. Karen White Mse
    The greatest thing about Great Britain is ... our sense of humour! We're eccentric, other countries know it, and we revel in it. We voted for a man in a penguin suit for the City of Edinburgh council. We have Boris Johnson as our mayor of London-his wiki article alone makes for an interesting read!
    We have terrible weather most of the time, and are known for our rain. Mention "Great Britain" to someone not from here, and it conjures up images like people wearing monocles sipping tea, with a plate full of scones, arguing about the rules of cricket or something.

    We have the best slang words, especially rude ones, which obviously I can't write here! British-English is PROPER English, and pronunciation often makes no sense to non-native speakers (how do you pronounce L eicester? Borough? Etc). British icons are the best-Big Ben, the Queen and the rest of the Royal family, quaint English villages, roast dinners, red double decker buses, black London taxi cabs... and lots more! We seemingly have an obsession with tea.
    ANYTHING can be solved by having a cup of tea. Black of course, with sugar and milk if you must. All these and more are the great things about Great Britain :D

  6. Jen Louise Jackson
    The way we all love to join a queue - even if we don't know what we are queuing for!

  7. Kate McFarlane
    The greatest thing about Great Britain is ...... the puddings!

  8. Emma 'Gorey' Hodgson
    The thing that really makes Britain great id the NHS, no other country provides such care towards its people, and it is the envy of the rest of the world, the NHS rocks and it is a true British institution :D

  9. Alexandra Juvan
    hat we are proud of who we are and put on one hell of an Olympic Opening Ceremony, to show the world what it means to be British and how diverse we are

  10. Abigail Edkins
    Fish and chips and not forgetting the mushy peas nyom nyom we love our no frills foods : )
  11. Marisha Rayner
    Classic british cuisine, vintage fashion, an iconic music scene, afternoon high tea, traditional and modern festivals also iconic power figures

  12. Nikki Brady
    Our sense of humour, we love to have a laugh and have the best comedy shows and comedians :-)

  13. Helen Kirk
    The literature, landscapes, fashion, music, film and tv industry and the growing sense of patriotism

  14. Louise Lumsden
    British Fashion it's the most eccentric and stylish in the world because we have the best designers who aren't afraid to be first to invent new trends

  15. Susan Sadler
    Our Great British Pubs Are The BEST.

  16. Sarah MacKinnon
    The greatest thing about Great Britain is the way the Great British people celebrate. All through the year we're all stiff upper lips and decorum, then once we have a reason to party like a Royal wedding or a Jubilee we hold the quirkiest and most memorable festivities in the world.

  17. Sal Hall
    The music

  18. Shannon Fox
    Our sense of fashion, humour and belonging and we have a really fashionable flag :)

  19. Anthony Mse Bravender
    The ability to join together as a nation with compasion and pride and rise above any atrocities the world throws at us. This makes this nation so special and respected throughout the world.

  20. Katie Richards
    Our countryside being right on our doorstep! Nothing like a breath of fresh air to remind us whats great about Britain :)

  21. Fiona McMillan
    Our unfailing ability to stay positive in the face of adversity, our multi-cultural heritage and strong sense of national community

  22. Alana Worthington
    The great british cuppa :)

  23. Marie Ingham
    We all love the underdog!

  24. Steve Jackson
    The Architecture, for example the Tower Bridge, it shows how our past was very good a making feats of engineering.

  25. Sara Sudbury
    Being an island and never being very far from the sea

  26. Emma Cella
    The greatest thing about Great Britain is The cities are lavish and exciting, but the countryside is luscious and stunning. In fact, one of the best things about Great Britain are the miles of sloping fields, the mist covered hillsides, and the green trees that back lit the landscape. When you’re travelling through the countryside, you’ll notice the cool, crisp, fresh air that brushes by you ever so often. It’s one of the cleanest environments to live in.

  27. Kelly-Marie Dudley
    Queen Elizabeth II! Or, to be fair, Pimm's.

  28. Helen Jacob-Lloyd
    The greatest thing about Great Britain is the freedom we have, it's an easy thing to take for granted but it's so important to how our country is :)

  29. Sarah Pacey
    the greatest thing about great britain is our bargain hunting skills and of course our many charity shops that do good in our communities

  30. Susi Galley
    Scotland - wonderful unspoiled country site, full of history and just ready to take you by the hand and lead you into a ceilidh dance :) (though I love the other parts of Britain too)

We're sorry we can't send all of you a pair of tights, but thanks for entering and giving us some fab answers! Well done for making the shortlist :)
PP x