N Focus & Pretty Polly


The first issue of N Focus magazine came out this month… and look what we have spotted. A purple pair of House of Holland S/S 10 tights. The magazine is looking great- even better now we have spotted a pair of our tights.

Festival Time!

Isle of White? Glastonbury? Leeds? Reading? Wakestock? It doesn’t matter what festival it is that you are going to, you may even be going to them all but there is still one big question:
What to wear?
Current festival trends are all about effortless fashion. No one will ever know you have scoured the internet, visited every local shopping centre or that the woman in Topshop is starting to know you by name. Pretty Polly are happy to inform you that the ultracool grunge vibe is back- and we can help!
We are thinking battered leather jackets, band tees, ripped shorts, crop tops, bandanas. Oh, Kurt Cobain you are always in mind! The more worn out, more tarnished you look- the more you will fit in!
Top Tip:
Cannot find the perfect pair of shorts to set you off on your first day? Panic not! Dig deep into your wardrobe and find your old jeans that you have saved ‘just incase.’ They are about to be transformed. Decide how short you want them- they can range from hot bands to above the knees and still look cool.
Make sure that you have cut them evenly (Its not about wonky shorts!) Then rip the denim all round so that the fabric freys. Still looking too neat and tidy? Get to the kitchen and find your cheese grator. Grate your new shorts to add rips- adding to the tarnished look. This can be done as much or as little as you wish to get the perfect effect for you!
Feeling brave?
Double denim is big. Why not pair your new shorts with a denim shirt and some knee high pretty polly socks under your wellies. Beaut.
No one does the cool-grunge look like: Alexa Cheung

If you are more of a dress kind of girl… you can still work the effortless cool… biker boots/ Dr Martins/ Wellies? They are still work with a dress but why not pair them with tights for extra warmth

Don’t forget your wellies. Have fun.
Lots of Love
PP xxx