We love...

  1. In love with daisies ‘Tis the season to go to the park, sit in the grass and make daisy chains! The weather is gorgeous so we’re making the most of it before it changes its mind again.
  1. Dress it up…Dress it down Getting your pins out is finally appropriate as the sun is shining! Tshirt dresses are perfect for any occasion to keep cool, pair with our Pretty Polly sheers and you’re ready to go.
  1. Peaches Geldof The beautiful Peaches.

4. “Everybunny needs some-bunny sometimes”

  1. Happy happy Easter! Easter has finally been and gone. We had a fabulous weekend, filled with family fun and too much chocolate. Don’t tell us we were the only ones!

6. Eggs, eggs and more eggs… Mini eggs were our food of the week as we binged on the chocolatey goodness! The calories were definitely worth it this time.

7. MAC We’re loving the naturals at the minute and our top pick has to be MAC’s matte lipstick in honeylove. Did someone say natural beauty?

8. Fish plait We found this style perfect this weekend!

9. Coachella- Who hasn’t been hearing the word Coachella absolutely everywhere recently? We’re green with envy with anyone who attended.


Pretty Polly's Pretty People



Suzanne Robinson, Marketing Co-ordinator for Pretty Polly.

"My alarm goes off at 6.15am, I do like to press the snooze button a few times depending on how tired I feel. I normally have yogurt with muesli but if I’m feeling naughty I like to go for a bacon cob in the works canteen. The morning commute isn't too bad, I only live 30 minutes away so drive to work.

My day can be really varied depending on what I’m working on at the time. One day I can be setting up an exhibition or merchandising our showrooms in Belper or London or then working on concept packaging designs for a new range we are about to launch.

A typical week is busy, mainly keeping on top of the sales forces requests and making sure I’m hitting my deadlines for the projects I’m working on at that time.

Normally I take some time out of the working day for lunch, by grabbing a quick sandwich/ soup and catching up on the world’s gossip. The day usually ends at 4.30pm. However, we are very lucky here because on a Friday we finish early, so I normally leave between 1.30pm – 2pm on a Friday.

I was born in Norfolk, but I have lived in Derby for over 12 years now, joining Pretty Polly in July 2013. The highs of the job are seeing all my hard work completed on a project I have been working on for ages and the lows, having to do admin jobs which can be really boring and repetitive.

However, it’s such a proud thing to be part of, not many people can say they work for a company which has been around for 95 years and are still producing our products in Derbyshire, UK.

I love how my job role is so varied and it's great that I am working in an industry I enjoy too. The weeks flying by, before you know it another year would have passed.

If I wasn't doing this I would love to have my own business either a clothes shop or a gift shop and if I won the lottery I would pay off my family’s mortgages and then have a house in the countryside.

The weekends are made up of cooking for my friends, which I love, as well as shopping with my girlfriends and catching up over a few vinos."

PP x

Outfit of the Week - River Island

Welcome to Pretty Polly's Outfit of the Week. Every week, we'll feature an outfit from one of our fabulous Pretty Polly retailers. We'll give you inspiration on what to wear with your Pretty Polly tights.

This weeks retailer: River Island
Wear it with: Pretty Polly™  Shape It Up - Tum Bum & Thigh Shaping Shorts

About the tights.

There's no need to hide from body hugging clothing anymore as the Pretty Polly Tum Bum & Thigh Shaping Shorts will smooth out all those lumps and bumps you try to cover up. Start to love your body again with the Shape It Up range giving you gorgeous curves that will boost your confidence. Perfect for wearing underneathe snug fitting clothing like that dress you've been keeping at the back of your wardrobe from two Summers ago...So forget booking that Leg Bums & Tums class because the Tum Bum & Shaping Shorts will instantly lift your bum while holding in your tum; what more could you ask for?

What better way to debut your new gorgeous figure than investing in a signature pencil skirt? River Islands' Black Mesh Insert Textured Pencil Skirt will fit you in all the right ways over the Pretty Polly Tum Bum & Thigh Shaping Shorts, and can be mixed and matched with all kinds of tops to suit any occasion. A must for your wardrobe.

We've paired the Pencil Skirt with River Islands' Grey Embellished Swing Cami Top so if you have a night of drinks and catch-ups with the girls coming up, this outfit is for you. It's sophisticated, fun and will definitely impress.

To complete the outfit we love the Nude Snake T Bar Barely There Sandals from River Island. Simple but perfect to give you that elegant edge.  

Grab your lipstick and your Black Slim Clutch Bag and you're ready to go!


PP x

Look out for a new Outfit of the Week every Wednesday.

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Outfit of the Week: House of Fraser

Welcome to Pretty Polly's Outfit of the Week. Every week, we'll feature an outfit from one of our fabulous Pretty Polly retailers. We'll give you inspiration on what to wear with your Pretty Polly tights.

This weeks retailer: House of Fraser
Wear it with: Pretty Polly™ Floral Spot Ankle High

About the tights.

The Pretty Polly Floral Spot Ankle Highs are not only bang on trend this season, they are also incredibly cute! A black anklet with a gorgeous spot pattern and a cute lace edging, this ankle high will replace any sock you have and accessorise any outfit!

We loved Therapy's Textured Tulip Bodycon Dress! A beautiful fit and flare design, with rounded collar and cap sleeves. A fantastic shape and beautiful texture.

The Linea Alena Wing Tote bag is a stunning accessory for any outfit! Perfect for fitting in the day to day needs of any girl, let alone creating a chic look.

 Linea Applejack Pointed Toe Stiletto Court Shoes are so elegant! Wear to work or during the evening, they will finish any outfit and forever be a fashion staple!

This is an elegant, yet playful look - wear it to work or out for cocktails and feel fantastic!

A gorgeous look, perfect for many occasions!


PP x

Look out for a new Outfit of the Week every Wednesday.

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My PP Week

My PP Week

As a Digital Controller at Pretty Polly I spend the majority of my time browsing our websites and making sure it is optimised and as user friendly as possible.
My weeks are never the same and the well planned 'to do' list that gets written every morning is almost impossible to stick to! The only thing that does stay the same is the regular consumption of Mint Green tea and my love for a 10.30am banana!


SS14 products have all been activated and are now live on the website, so my Monday-morning-must is to check how well these did over the weekend. With three different websites to keep my eye on, I bounce from screen to screen and window to window, scanning each site for any odd behaviour and hunting for the most loved pair! 90 minutes in, Mint Green tea time!

After lunch we sit down with the Director of Ecommerce and discuss the last week's sales on all websites, as well as planning the week ahead; it's the perfect time to recap and evaluate.


So, today I am over at our Belper office, in Derbyshire. Here I meet with the Marketing team, catch up on the current ranges and see what they are working on in the pipeline. It's a fantastic opportunity to plan up and coming campaigns and get a good understanding of any new products.

The Belper office is where the majority of Pretty Polly tights are designed, manufactured, packaged and marketed! It's an amazing place to be and a really interesting, inspirational process to see!


After venturing off to Belper yesterday, I am playing catch up on my emails and making sure everything is ticking over without any issues. Time for yet another Mint Green tea and a quick chin wag with the team, then back to work. I spend the morning summarising yesterday's meetings and acting on any decisions/ideas.

Mid way through the week and the to do list is still as long as my arm. The afternoon is spent furiously trying to tick things off and make it at least fit onto one page! 5pm hits and it's date night, so tonight I am off out for a cheeky cocktail!


Thursday's tend to be my favourite day of the week. Simply because it is our last full day at work and the weekend is in sight.  I spend the morning creating our weekly email newsletter, showcasing a particular range and pushing our current promotion. This week it is the brand new seam free products from Shape It Up and I can't get enough of them!

I also analyse how last week's did, which links got clicked the most and if there were any obvious spikes in sales due to our campaign. It sounds geeky, but it's really interesting!


Friday is a busy but short day. The morning is usually filled with preparation for the weekend and the afternoon, well what afternoon! Social media checks are done, voucher codes and imagery are refreshed on all websites and then I prepare for any Monday meetings I may have in the diary!

2.30pm comes around and I skip out of the office, ready to enjoy the weekend!